CNC Milling

Quality Approval to BS EN ISO 9001 : 2015 Sub-Contract Engineering to your specification.

CNC Turning and Machining Centres along with Conventional Turning and Milling.

Special projects undertaken including assemblies, prototype work and testing.

Milling is a machining process that uses rotary cutters to remove material from a workpiece advancing (or feeding) in a direction at an angle with the axis of the tool; the workpiece doesn't move but the tool does.

Don't worry if you don't know the difference between CNC turning and Milling; please send us your requirements and we will tell you the best way to produce what you want.

If you do have an engineering background the following Plant List might be of interest to you:

  • Bridgeport HMC 700 HPD
  • Mazak HMC 630
  • Mazak H400N

  • Daewoo VM510 (with upgraded 3D machining capability)

  • Doosan DNM650 (with 4th Axis and upgraded 3D machining capability)

  • Hardinge Bridgeport VMC1000 (with upgraded 3D machining capability)

  • Eagle Maxi-Mill 1500

  • Eagle 1000 

  • Yang 1000

  • Takisawa MAC-V5 (with 4th Axis)

  • Huron dx tf

  • XYZ KR-P3 4000

With 3 horizontal, 10 vertical CNC and 1 knuckle type machining centre  we are able to produce a variety of items from cut blanks, castings and forgings. Our team of programmer/setter/operators can produce small and large quantities efficiently and accurately using state of the art CADCAM combined with solidworks 2017  software.